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Wed Feb 28, 2018
Andalucia day, Motor Museum, Malaga Open Day
Tue Mar 06, 2018 @19:30 -
CCCA Clubnight & Dinner. March
Sat Mar 10, 2018 @11:00 -
March Classic Car Run & Lunch

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Pieter Van de Lustgraaf’s Report on the 2018 Tour Sherry Triangle’

The Sherry Tour of the Classic Car Club of Andalucia, on the Costa del Sol, started their four day tour on the 1st February.

We were a total of 20 Classics and Prestige cars, including a Mercedes SL Pagoda from 1967, Jaguar MK II from 1962, Jaguar XK8 from 1980, Aston Martin V8 Virage Volante from 1985, Bentley Turbo R and my Triumph TR250 from 1968 and had a first day of this trip more than 165 km.

For the first 50 kms we drove over the infamous A376 to Ronda. A mountain road with more than 100 curves, which brought us to a height of over 1,474 m at the Sierra Palmitera. On this mountain road, for many motorcyclists, it was their last trip. Numerous crosses with flowers on both sides of the road testify to their demise. We took more than an hour to cover this 50 km-long route, without problems. Stopping in Ronda at Venta La Parrilla for a coffee break, where the hams still hang neatly from the ceiling. Many tour drivers followed us and here I met Jo Ramirez, the Formula 1 McLaren Team Co-coordinator, born in Mexico in Aug. 1941, and told me a lot about his life in the racing world. He told me of his experiences with the like of Prost and Serna. He now retired and lives with his Austrian partner on the Costa del Sol.

I thought that the road from San Pedro to Ronda, the A376, was a dangerous winding road but the road from Ronda via Grazalema to El Bosque was even more challenging. We through the Sierra de Grazalema. Passed Arcas de la Frontera, the first place with the addition - La Frontera - (many would follow) and arrived at Jerez de la Frontera via the A382. The city is known for its sherry bodegas, also known as the Capital of Sherry, not to mention its internationally renowned race circuit.

Staying the 1st night in Hotel Jerez, where we all dressed in "Black Tie" and enjoyed an extensive dinner with the necessary local wines such as the Prado Del Rey. An excellent stay with excellent Belgian cuisine. The hotel has been operated by the Belgian Jan de Cleck and his family for over 40 years.

On the 2nd day there was a distance of 155 km ahead. We left Jerez at 11.00 and drove towards Medina - Sidonia and quickly passed through a rolling hills where large fields determine the landscape. At Barbate we had a coffee stop in an authentic Venta, where the hams also hung from the ceiling. We could not miss leaving in Northern direction of Cabo de Trafalgar. Here, as mentioned, with his English war fleet in October 1805, Nelson defeated the French / Spanish Armada. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the area that commemorates this epic of this sea battle. The British fleet under the leadership of Admiral Nelson defeated the combined French / Spanish fleet using a tactic never used before of sailing at 90 degrees in two columns into the enemies fleet and therefor splitting their fleet into three.

After a short break near the Lighthouse of Trafalgar we continued our tour via the N340 in a northerly direction, and drove through a beautiful forest of umbrella pine trees, with the coast of the Atlantic Ocean over our left shoulder. Finally we arrived via Chiciana de la Frontera, with the flat landscape full of lakes with flamingos and salt pans. We finally ended up at our hotel, Duques de Medinacelli at El Porto de Santa Maria. Here we stayed in the former palace of the Spanish Aristocracy which goes back to the XVII century. Also in this city there are many bodega's including Tio Pepe and Osborne

A few days later we drove our classics on a tour to the south-west coast of Spain, through the region where many places end - La Frontera - such as: Arcos de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera, Chiclana de la Frontera, Concil de la Frontera and Vejer de la Frontera. These ‘Frontera’ towns are close to the area of Trafalgar where Admiral Nelson fought the Battle of Trafalgar which took place in October 1805.

The third day of the tour was a rest day spent in Cadiz from where Columbus, who was born in in 1451 in Genoa, sailed under the Spanish flag in 1492 to discover the Americas.The capital of the province of the same name, belonging to the autonomous region of Andalusia. We stayed 2 nights in this palatial hotel and took the ferry from the port of Puerto de Santa Maria, located at the mouth of the Rio Guadaleta, through the Bay of Cadiz to the port city of Cadiz, with spectacular views of Cadiz and its seaport. A natural harbour located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, to which Cadiz owes its centuries old trading activities. Incidentally, it was the Phoenicians who founded this city in 1100 BC as Gadir.

When Columbus discovered America in 1496 the region’s prosperity increased. Even now it is the trade with mainly South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela that produces the economic prosperity of Cadiz, in a major way. A very old city but certainly with modern contemporary features. Drive over the - Puente de la Constitucion - Bridge, from Puerto Real to Cadiz, one of the highest and most modern cable-stayed bridges in Europe. Opened in September 2015 by Premier Rajoy. Unfortunately a’ bridge too far’ for our trip today.

The last day of the tour we drove from El Puerto de Santa Maria on the A4 to Paterna de Rivera in the direction of Benalup Casas Viejes along Parque Natural Los Alcornocales past Vejer de la Frontera on the N340 towards Algeciras, with scattered visibility on the coastline. At Valdevaqueros, near the Atlantic, we could see, from a height of about 50 meters, the coastline below us. Unfortunately due to the drizzle and low clouds we could not see the coast of Africa or Gibraltar.

Summer Ball 2016


Salon Spain, Ascari May 28 & 29

Good afternoon
My name is Hein Arts and I am the organizer of an event that might be of interest to all members of the Classic Car Club of Andacia: Salon Spain.
Salon Spain is a luxurious hospitality-only event appealing to discerning guests, collectors, buyers, owners and enthusiasts who prefer a more intimate and engaging experience rather than the crowds and queues normally associated with motoring events.
It is a presentation of the very finest automotive and luxury brands as
well as the rarest and most valuable (classic) cars and motorcycles, all of which
will be beautifully displayed on the spectacular Ascari Circuit.
On top visitors can expect numerous spectacular demonstrations!!
I spoke with some of your members already and they asked me to inform about the event. FYI: if you know of members who would like to sell a classic car, or buy one, Salon Spain @Ascari is the place to be!
I hope that you like the concept and if you want to recieve more information please feel free to contact me any time:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel. nr. 603 207 688
websites: /
Kind regards, Hein Arts

Barry Surtees, living the Kougar dream!


Both cars again, my future son in law driving the Corvette


Engine re-assembled (all polishing by ME!)



by Barry Surtees


Having moved to Brighton in 1977, I frequently stopped at a small garage very near to my house that specialised in British sports cars, this particular summer evening, a spectacular car on the forecourt was a British Racing Green Kougar.

I took it for a test drive, but ultimately baulked at the asking price of £16,000.00, but the die was cast, I would never forget this vehicle, I determined that one day, I would possess one!

Some years passed before I was in a position to get one and now it was 1984, I built a kitchen extension for a friend and it was agreed that my personal time would be exchanged for his expertise with cars,

we would build my Kougar from scratch, however, events once again intervened, I owned a Nursing home in Brighton, a new regulation determined that I must install a fire escape, I engaged a firm who constructed it, but without realising had erected it too close to a neighbouring building, the company went broke, leaving me with a serious planning problem so the staircase, 4 floors of it had to come down.

I couldn’t afford to replace the whole thing so my pals labour that he owed me, circa 200 hours was spent, dismantling and reconstructing the fire escape!! My Kougar dream had evaporated again!!

Fast forward to 1998, in all of the intervening years I had never seen even ONE Kougar on the road, but this day I was in Harwoods at Pulborough about to order a new Range Rover, while waiting for the chap to give me the part exchange value of my existing car, I picked up a copy of “Exchange & Mart”, there in the Classic section was “Kougar for Sale” but amazingly also in Pulborough, £9,999.00. I called and the guy said, “Come on over, but I tell you now, don’t come if you intend to offer me anything less than my asking price!!”

So, I went and £9,999.00 to the penny later, the car was mine, I’d waited 21 years.

It initially underwent a complete overhaul, everything out, engine rebuilt, respray, the lot, the car did many sprints, notably the Brighton Speed Trials many times.

I’ve owned some exotic cars while I’ve had the Kougar including a Jensen Interceptor, two Astons including the flagship Vanquish ‘S’ and a Maserati, but at no time have I even remotely considered selling the Kougar, no car that I have EVER possessed has the ability to put a smile on my face as much as this car does, indeed it has stopped traffic all over Europe, it’s been around the Nurburgring and Le Mans, it may just as well have been a registered participant in the Mille Miglia, as we trailed this race and I mixed it with the finest classic cars in the world, even shaking hands with Jochen Mass as I PASSED him in the 722 Mercedes!!

Four years ago, we pretty much sold up and moved to Malaga, of course the car came too, we towed it down behind my beloved Defender, taking a week or so to drive the 1500 miles, stopping at Paris, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Madrid, Jaen, Malaga, in each of these cities, I could have sold it a dozen times over.


Kougar just about to leave to come back for its Lester Bannister overhaul

We have done the trip several times now, every time travelling a different way, but so many times I’ve driven the car on the clubs European tours, to Le Mans, both the 24 hour and Classic, Spa, Nurburgring etc. Frequently I’ve taken off on my own, always stopping in Paris for a night or two to satisfy the artistic part of me, if anyone has ever driven around the Arc De Triomphe, you will know that this is NOT easy, in a Kougar, its like Moses parting the Red Sea!!! Everybody stopped for me!

Barry's-Article-May-2016-5The Spanish, like Italians, love a red sports car, driving the Kougar through countless white villages in Spain, always brings the town to a halt, in one town, they even insisted that I drove the car INTO the restaurant, if I had a pound for each photograph that has been taken of it or charged for every time someone has asked to sit in it, my pockets would be a lot deeper, it has resided in Malaga’s Classic car Museum, had a ragging at the Jerez race track, been to Guadix a track near Granada and has generally been a source of joy and appreciation to countless people.

Barry's-Article-May-2016-6At the time that we moved to Spain, we joined an amazing classic car club, the CCCA, Classic Car Club of Andalucia, we have met the most lovely people and pretty much our entire social life is spent with these people and their astonishing vehicles, its an active club, a club night once a month, followed the following Saturday by a run, circa 150 miles, stopping for coffee, maybe a tipple (or two for the non-drivers) and then in a Venta (roadside restaurant or inn) where approximately 60 of us will eat local and amazing tapas in places that we couldn’t have hoped to find ourselves.

3 or 4 times a year we’ll go on a 3-5 day trip, packing evening dresses and D.J’s is a challenge in a Kougar so sometimes we get a pal to take a suit carrier and / or a case for us.






Taken on Trafalgarbeach, just offshoreis the siteof the famous battle

Jo Ramirez, former McClaren team boss, Sennas former mechanic with Sennas helmet and Senna & Prosts overalls

 Recently though, following various periods of “incapacitation” I’ve struggled with the clutch and I can tell you a hot Kougar in 45 degrees is no place to be, so for the longer runs or if it’s likely to be super hot, I’ll take the Corvette which we also keep down there (I seem to remember another Kougar club member with this combo of cars??)
Finally recognising that I cannot drive the car for long journeys, I brought the car back to England where Lester Bannister has upgraded many things on the car including a servo on the clutch and many, many other things, that have returned the car to its former handling capabilities, I cannot believe the difference new tyres have made!
Barry's-Article-May-2016-8 Barry's-Article-May-2016-9

Both of my cars, my pal used the Kougar, but after 200 miles he was finished!!


I cannot imagine EVER being without this car, it is not the most beautiful and won’t ever win a concourse, because I’m not a “toothbrush” kind of chap, I’ve used the car regularly for ALL of the years that I’ve owned it, even when getting in and worse, getting back out has been a challenge, but since I saw Donald Day drive his ERA with one arm and a paraplegic chap being lifted into his Bentley and since meeting Win Percy at the CCCA (former British Touring Car champ) who was paralysed, but still drives adapted cars like a demon, I’ve adopted the view that while I can I definitely will.

Barry's-Article-May-2016-13 Barry's-Article-May-2016-12

Another run out up to the lakes above Malaga

Kougar and its stablemate Panther


Barry's-Article-May-2016-11 Barry's-Article-May-2016-14

 Car run up into the mountains 46 degrees centigrade, we we dying!!

Kougar in Malaga Classic Car Musseum


 Who else gets to eat their Christmas dinner in the man shed? Julie was mad, everyone else loved it!!

Barry's-Article-May-2016-16 Barry's-Article-May-2016-17

Son Paul, Grandson Marley on his Kougar

Engine re-assembled (all polishing by ME!)

(Quick plug, if your Kougar needs work, ANY mechanical work, Lester is your man, like his Dad, there is NOTHING that he doesn’t know about Jaguar).


Subida Penas Blancas Estepona 2015 – 11/12th April – Andalusia

Event Report

Rfeda – National Spanish Hillclimb Championship – Round 2

Subida Penas Blancas  Estepona 2015 – 11/12th April – Andalusia


The start line all dry at the bottom of the hill.

A later than preferred arrival to Malaga from a family break meant a lack of training for the weekend which was a bit of concern, but luckily this was not the case.

The car thankfully was in good form as Neil had gone out a couple of days before the event to prepare the car. He’d left nothing to chance.

The weather forecast for the weekend was not promising and true to form rain ensued from half way up the route which caused a fair amount of concern amongst the mostly Spanish drivers entered in the event. There was great indecision amongst all as to what tyres to run in practise which for me was a very strange issue, slicks don’t truly work very well in the wet, but wets will work OK in the dry, as long as you don’t push them too hard. True to form and as expected those who chose slicks slipped off the road causing as well as a fair degree of damage, Tineo the local superstar being one of them sliding off and rolling his newly acquired Mitsubishi Evo X, and surprisingly last years Spanish champion Borregeuro in his mighty Mosler who rearranged his very expensive carbon fibre front end, both causing a fair delay pushing the event further back into the day and potentially worsening weather. I think 5 or so cars went off on the first practise run, an unofficial training session but for some an expensive end to the weekends event. The Mosler was repairable but the Mitsubishi most definitely not.

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