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Sat Nov 25, 2017 @10:00 -
Estepona Christmas Fair

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Marbella Classic Grand Prix 2014

Date set for the first Marbella Classic Grand Prix June 8th 2014

Founders of the Hungarian Oldtimer-Supercup and organizers of some of the biggest and best known car events in Eastern Europe, today announced the date for the inaugural Marbella Classic Grand Prix, which will take place on June 8th 2014. Following the success of the BALATON CLASSiC and MiSTER CLASSiC, they have decided to spread their wings to the glamorous destination of Marbella and Puerto Banus and arrange an exclusive one day open road race (Classic Regularity Rally), for classic, road-legal cars produced before 31st December 1980. There will be just 50 cars allowed to participate in the first edition of the race and entries will be reviewed by the Race Committee to ensure an exceptional selection of classic cars.

This event of skill and timing takes place on public roads, adhering to the rules of the Highway Code and requires participants to complete sections in a predetermined time, as well as special stages requiring split second accuracy. These special stages are completed at slow speeds without stopping the car and penalty points given for every 0.01 second difference from the allotted completion time. The winner is the team with the fewest penalty points throughout the day and will be presented with their awards at a glamorous prize giving ceremony and gala dinner. 

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Marbella Classic Grand Prix 2014
Press release
Invitation to participate in Marbella Classic Grand Prix 2014

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19-21 September

London, 17 April 2014. Vintage Bentleys and other classics are heading to southwest France with bespoke historic racing tour company Grand Classic Tours for the International Circuit des Remparts race meeting, from 19-21 September on the world-famous street circuit in Angouleme.

"This event is a hidden treasure - for three days, the whole city of Angouleme, situated in the middle of a triangle between La Rochelle, Limoges and Bordeaux, becomes a gigantic museum, thrilling fans of historical cars whether racing or not," said Grand Classic Tours director Deborah Stott.

"Motor racing in France can be very different. Sitting, eating croissants and drinking coffee in a sunny medieval square and suddenly a 1940s Alfa chased by a '50s DB4 cuts the atmosphere. This is Angouleme.

"Many British arrive in their classics Astons, Bentleys, Lotus' abound and it is a Mecca for the Bugatti Owners Club. There is a rally out to the beautiful French countryside, while within the town the streets are narrow and the racing frenetic. The Mercure Centre Angouleme is the place to stay, close to where all the action takes place," says Debbie, who formed Grand Classic Tours having previously worked in motorsport travel managing tours to F1 and Classic events.

"Rarely will you see such a collection of historic cars; memories will be imprinted in your mind, you will find yourself wishing the year away to when you can pack and return again to the unique spectacle and atmosphere that is Angouleme," says Deborah, who has run a classic car club since 1993 and set up Grand Classic Tours, because she wanted to offer the ultimate in customer service to motoring enthusiasts.

The circuit finds its route in the city unchanged since its first meeting on 2 July 1939 and invites motorists from all over Europe to drive along the wheel prints of their prestigious predecessors, such as Fisher, Sommer, Manzon, Fangio or Troubetskoy.

1.279km, with two fast corners, two 90-degree turns and three hairpins.

 "Gentlemen, start your engines" and the racing begins, running between white stone walls giving an unique dimension. The sound and unique light create an atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else. 160 cars, divided into eight classes, will fight for the winning laurels.

The Circuit des Remparts has four distinct events, in which enthusiasts and / or competitors are invited to take part.

:: The Elegance Parade - A gala evening dedicated to the world of the automobile. Follow the evolutions of car styling and dress styles throughout the years.  A great evening in a wonderful setting, not to be missed. 

:: The International Rally des Charentes offers those who have journeyed to the Charente a chance to discover this lovely part of France in their beautiful automobiles, a trip of almost 200 kms through a rich history of castles, mansions and manor houses waiting to be discovered and admired.

:: The Gala buffet cocktail dinner in the Halles, for competitors and invited guests, where everyone waits with eager anticipation for the winners of the Elegance Parade to be announced.

:: The FFSA Races - Cars from the 1910s to the 1970s take part in some of the most challenging racing to be seen; no Silverstone run-offs here. Watch an eclectic mix of race cars, from vintage Bugatti to such things as the delightful Alpine A110s and exotica such as Mamba, Fournier Marcadier and Maserati Bora.

Further information at

Call Debbie now, for three-night stay at the Mercure Angouleme Centre and event tickets, including the Gala dinner: +44 (0) 7850 273369 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Newly formed, but with a wealth of experience providing bespoke worldwide motoring experiences, unique driving adventures, personalised to perfection to ensure that you get the most out of continental driving.

For further information, please contact:

Deborah Stott

Tel: +44 (0) 1277 354239

Mob: +44 (0) 7850 273369

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Event Report | Rfeda – National Spanish Hillclimb Championship – Round 1

Rfeda – National Spanish Hillclimb Championship – Round 1

Subida Penas Blancas  Estepona 2014 – 5/6th April – Andalusia

We arrived at Malaga airport late on Wednesday evening, 2nd April, to provide plenty of time the following day, and in advance of the event, to learn the Subida (Rise to), a 7.3 kilometre climb from just outside the town centre of Estepona across the motorway on road MA 8301. This particular event had not been run since 2006, and RS Sport the Escuderia (Sporting Car Club) responsible should be rewarded, as the route is superb. A very fast and smooth tarmac road, winding its way up over 500 metres, both climbing and, in 3 parts, dropping down, which is abnormal for a Hillclimb event as you can well imagine.

The average speed for these events must be kept below 140 km/hr so on one downhill stretch the organisers decided to insert a chicane which caused a great deal of heated discussion at the drivers briefing on the Friday evening before the start of the event, after the technical inspections had been completed.  Some of the top and faster drivers complaining that it was much too tight getting in and out of and as such there was a chance that cars could be damaged. The federations response was, quite simply, if you don’t like it then “Don’t race!”.  Fairly clear to me!  Personally, having probably the second widest car of the event next to the Mosler, I didn’t have a problem, but  he certainly did.

The Ayuntamiento, or local town council, had committed a great deal of funds to the promoting of the event and virtually closed all central roads of the town to allow a full display of the cars. The atmosphere was definitely one of a festival spirit. The town hall or Junta should be applauded for their efforts.

Our car was put in pride of place alongside last years champion Villarino, in his newly acquired Ossella, and the Mosler. Certainly a much photographed spectacle at Parc Ferme on the night before the commencement of the event, Saturday lunchtime.

Parc Ferme




Grover-Williams Trophy start

Highlights of Goodwood’s 72nd Members’ Meeting – the most significant new historic motor racing event of the past 15 years will be broadcast on Channel 4 on successive weekends in April.

The pair of 25-minute shows, which have been produced by Aurora Media, will be broadcast in Sunday morning slots during April and will be presented by Amanda Stretton with commentary from Martin Haven.

Episode one will be screened on Sunday, April 13 at 0640 and will feature action from a thrilling part one of the Gerry Marshall Trophy for Group 1 touring cars – including a stirring fightback from Emanuele Pirro’s Capri – plus the Surtees and Moss Trophies and glorious Group B rally and turbocharged Formula 1 cars plus an interview with Sir Stirling Moss and Lord March.

Tony Gaze Trophy start


Episode two will be broadcast on Easter Sunday, April 20 at 0545 and will include action from the world’s largest Bugatti-only race, the Grover-Williams Trophy plus the enthralling story of racer-turned saboteur William Grover- Williams. Celebrities Chris Evans and James Martin reveal why they adore Goodwood while the low-drag Le Mans demonstration and part two of the Marshal Trophy round out an action-packed show.

The coverage of the Goodwood Road Racing Club’s newest event will also be available to download via Channel 4’s on-demand service ‘4OD’ for 30 days post-broadcast. To view, visit

For all Media enquiries, please contact Jamie O’Leary or Gema Bernaldo at the Goodwood Motor Sport Press Office:
Telephone: +44(0)1243 755000 or email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To join the Goodwood Road Racing Club and unlock its range of exclusive, member-only benefits, please visit:

Goodwood Road Racing Club on Social Media

Facebook: Twitter: 

2014 Subida a Algar.

CCCA Member, Mike Anderson, is again competing in the Andalucian Hill-Climb Championship in his awesome new Ginetta race car.   Thanks to Mike for his report on the first event of the year near Arcos de la Frontera.


2014 Subida a Algar – Practice/Shakedown event before the first round of the National championship" >

This event is the first in the calendar of the Andalucian championship, close to the lakes area of Arcos de la Frontera,  and one that we had won the year before with a time of 1 min 26.2 seconds. The road is not the best to be honest to truly test the cars pace, it is very tight and twisty very worn and shiny tarmac and broken in some places. The run is only 2.55 kilometres in length.

The event is again, as is the tradition, in two phases, phase A on Saturday afternoon and Phase B on Sunday morning. At this time of year the weather conditions can be unpredictable and, true to form, same as the previous year, phase A started off in the rain so wets were the order of the day. The first run of each phase is always a practise, having never driven the car in the wet and pouring rain I was a little apprehensive, a completely new set up, paddle change for the very first time in any competition car and a set of Avon wets again unknown to me. It didn’t help on the run through the service area to the start that the wiper linkage decided to throw the towel in so no wipers! No time to repair, a very difficult run as you can imagine, poorly sighted, but managed surprisingly a 4th fastest time, less than a second behind the three 4 wheel drive cars entered on the event. The next run (The 1st Official timed run), the rain had stopped but as the road was still very wet with running water in places we stayed with the wets, and as I could now see I squeezed in a fastest time, so leading phase A. 


Before the last run of Phase A there was an hours break and the sun had emerged and as such partially dried the road so time for the slicks, tyre warmers out but yet another problem the new generator also decided to throw the towel in and, as such, we couldn’t warm the slicks so decided to stay on the wets rather than destroy a new set of soft slicks. I thought I could hold first place with a bit of luck as we were nearly 3 seconds in the lead. That would have been the case if it weren’t for a moment of brain fade coming out of an open left hand hairpin in second gear and instead of selecting 3rd selected 1st so had a half spin and lost a bit of time, enough to drop us back into 4th place, less than a second from the eventual winner so truly would have won. As you can imagine I took a bit of stick for this lapse in concentration and as such Neil, my trusted service technician, decided to carryout a minor modification to the control system to prevent it happening again!


Sunday, Phase B, and again, same as the previous year, completely different weather conditions. Bright sunshine, dry roads and warm, just what was needed to fully try out the car and make use of the power and new gear ratios to the full. We had borrowed a replacement generator from someone in the town so great, tyre warmers out which are essential in hillclimb events as they need to warm right from the off, tyre pressures as in all form of motorsport are also key but as we were learning we were a little in the dark as what was the best pressure to kick off with, the shorter the event the harder to predict.


All the national events range from 5 kilometres to 8 kilometres so the 1st practise runs are probably the most important run of any event.


Having competed in a number of countries throughout Europe on admittedly mostly rallies I have experienced many different degrees of professionalism and levels of quality of organisers and attitudes of race directors and clerks of courses. On the Sunday the race director must have climbed out of bed on the wrong side and for some bizarre reason was seemingly angry with all the drivers and made it clear that if you were late on arrival to the start line you wouldn’t be allowed to run. First car away 10.30am, we being seeded car 1 were therefore the last to leave, 30 cars at 30 second intervals my start time 10.45am. We need to retain heat into the tyres virtually minutes up to starting so arrive to start no more than 5 minutes before the start, 10.40 achieved no problem, not the case, myself and the 4 cars in front of me were refused a start as we were deemed late! Definitely not the case so an argument kicked off but his word was final, we had delayed the race and as there is only a small window to keep the road closed with the Guardia Civil that practice was now over. Great!  No way of testing the slicks, gearchange, and gain any knowledge of tyre temperatures and pressures for the following two official timed runs.


Back to the service area to be then informed that the race director had decided to have an hours break for breakfast!!! Unbelievable.


The first official timed run the organisers had, as a result of the previous issue, introduced a runner to tell cars when to set off to the start line, a good idea following the official complaints from a couple of competitors. We were called, great, 5 minutes before to find a queue of a dozen cars at the start line, the race delayed due to a crash.


Twenty five minutes later we rolled up to the start line with stone cold tyres, resulting in a very entertaining run up the hill for the spectators, a great deal of sideways action as a result of no grip or traction. 4th fastest time and 3 seconds off the pace, by now I’m thinking that this is certainly not our day like the previous one.


The final run, ran like clockwork, hot tyres, good and correct pressures and set the fastest time of the weekend to win the event and take our first top step on the podium. Happily too i beat my record set the previous year by just over 1 second which is very satisfying. I believe that the car has great potential and believe that through the forthcoming year and the national championship times will markedly improve and its pace will be able to match the best out there in the GT category, mostly Porsche GT3’s and one or two Ferraris.


The first round of the championship is called the Subida a Estepona down in southern Spain about 15 kilometres south of Marbella on the coast it is a 7.3 km run with an excellent road surface, and a touch wider so should be good for the Ginetta. The event is over the weekend of the 5th and 6th April, less than two weeks away.


Check out the organisers website for more information of the event in early april :


I am informed that the National Spanish Championship events this year will be shown on Motors TV so watch out for that.





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