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Wed Feb 28, 2018
Andalucia day, Motor Museum, Malaga Open Day
Tue Mar 06, 2018 @19:30 -
CCCA Clubnight & Dinner. March
Sat Mar 10, 2018 @11:00 -
March Classic Car Run & Lunch

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The Bertone Journey

Northern Ireland to Southern Spain - A Journey of Discovery in our X1/9

We decided to get classic another car – this time for my wife Sandra. Well hopefully a classic!

When Sandra and I first met, I had a Fiat 128 3P Berlinetta. It was a good car but went rusty very quickly so I stripped it back to bare metal and had it painted. It did not rust after that. It was fun and pretty fast but needed an extra gear - it was the days of 4 speed gearboxes; it had a 1300 cc engine. At the same time, FIAT were marketing the X1/9, a 2 seater with the same engine (and rust problem actually!!) Later on, they increased the engine size to 1500 and 5 speeds on the X1/9. We decided to buy one of these but it needs to be pretty much rust free.

In the end I managed to find a good one, with 37200 miles on it – but in Northern Ireland so after a few emails we decided to go and have a look. I was pretty sure that we would get it as I bought LHD headlights (as we live in Spain) and a couple of other bits.


CCCA Tour Cazorla 2014


Jo Ramirez

See the article in this month's MotorSport on CCCA member Jo Ramirez.  Follow the link above to read this interesting article from respected journalist, Rob Widdows.


Stag Adventure to Spain

Many thanks to Roy Smith for his Stag Tales in Spain….

I thought that I would start by sharing a picture of my wife’s Boobies. She took the picture in March 2012 on Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (near the equator) when we were warming up on a break from my Civil Service job supporting the British Forces in the South Atlantic in the Falklands.


It was later that day that – without any understanding of either the subsequent financial or social life changing consequences – she tossed me a 2008 copy of Classic Car magazine that she had found in the converted portakabin that we were staying in. As I browsed through, I came across an advert by Cherished Classics of Leicester who specialize in the Triumph Stag. I had admired the Stag since its launch – regrettably I am old enough to remember those days – but had never been in one or even had a close look. Heading for retirement, the following year I quite fancied the thought of something to enjoy after I left work and after discussing this with my wife Sandra we set about investigating the possibility of ownership then. Once a year, I was entitled to return to UK with my wife – the Ministry of Defence being all heart – and I wrote to Lee Court of Cherished Classics and explained that I would appreciate it if he would allow us to visit his showroom in May as he opened only “by appointment” on Saturdays – the day that the flight arrived at Brize Norton. I also explained that we were not in the market at the time but were interested. I am sure that he thought that we were just “time wasters” and initially put us off. I persevered and eventually he agreed to our visit. Sandra and I had done a little homework, looking at various websites and had concluded that we would particularly like a yellow or red Stag, one with solid rather than wire wheels as these are too difficult to keep clean. We didn’t want white.

Win Percy - Sideways In A D-Type! ICMR
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