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Following a question from a member and owner of an older model Porsche, I did a bit of research on t'internet into the subject of ethanol (biofuel) in petrol, and its possible ill effects on older vehicles.


As I read, it became clear that the level of ethanol mix used can vary across the UK, and from retailer to retailer and from fill to fill - however there are some rules in which to find comfort, and some choices you can make to help.


Rather than attempt to summarise a fairly complex matter, I've set out below some links to what seem to be the most useful reference items I found. If you own a pre 1996 Porsche (or any other older cars or motorbikes) please read on....


Porsche on 10% Ethanol: This link is to Porsche Classic which indicates that pre-1996 Porsches should not use 10% Ethanol (E10) 


FBHVC on Ethanol This item from the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs gives a good summary of the factors involved in the increasing use of ethanol. The FBHVC has also tested and now endorses various products as corrosion inhibitors - scroll down this article for a list of these products.


I also found this useful document: Government Consultation, which advises that the "Protection Fuel" status of Super Unleaded fuel, limiting it to 5% Ethanol maximum content will remain in place at least until the end of 2016.  It also contains the following regarding labelling at the pump:


"The Biofuel (Labelling) Regulations 2004 already require that 

pumps dispensing petrol containing more than 5% ethanol must be 

labelled "Not suitable for all vehicles: consult vehicle manufacturer 

before use". This notice must be displayed prominently on any 

dispenser from which such fuel is sold or offered for sale to the 

ultimate consumer. This will continue to be the case should 

suppliers decide to roll out E10 following publication of the new 

industry standard for petrol."


I hope this helps - I think I'll be sticking to Super unleaded and ordering some Ethomix for good measure.


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Steve Rose




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