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The Start and finish of the MM.

We are back from our odyssey!!

We came back Tuesday night extremely tired and to be honest very disappointed, it could be the most beautiful event in the world like Enzo Ferrari used to say of the old race, but now days it is far from it, the organisation is very poor, the road book is not as good as yours the timings are horrendous, it is extremely tiring , there isn’t any camaraderie with the participants absolutely not social, if you are lucky and have no problems you may get 3 hours sleep every day, therefore it is not funny. We got caught by an unbeliable diluvio biggest storm ever seeing in the mountains about 250 Kms from Rome and stupid us we were not prepared and end up completely soaked and ever so cold, I was shivering, my goggles stem up and could not see anything, I took them off and the intensity of the water was so much that it hurt the face and my eyes and have to through the towell and Chris drove the rest of the way to Rome.

However, it is in Italy the roads are fabulous the cities and Villages you go through are fantastic, the public is very warm and over the 1000 miles there is not one kilometre where it is not full of people shouting and encouraging you, the police is wonderful and they also push you, but there were a few accidents and if the organisers do not change the present system one day will be a huge accident like in 1957, and then it will be forbidden again for ever. 

Said all this, we enjoyed it and there is an important tick on the list of things to do before before we kick the bucket !!

Looking forward to see you soon

Jo & Ursula

Marbella Classic Grand Prix Presents

Free Classic Car Event and Demonstration Day

8th June 16.00-20.00, Puerto Banus

We would like to thank all the Andalucia and Gibraltar car clubs for their support with launching the Marbella Classic Grand Prix and your feedback regarding the concept and the price.

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Due to your feedback we have decided to replace the regularity rally planned for the 8th June with a free classic car event and demonstration day where we can introduce your members to the concept of regularity rallying with a short 5km route and a number of exercises.

Classic car owners are invited at 16.00 to gather in Calle Jose Saramago, alongside Plaza Antonio Banderas in Puerto Banus. The concept of a regularity rally will be explained, classic car owners can meet and everyone can admire these stunning cars.


Drivers will be presented with a very simple roadbook for a 5km route which will start and finish in the square and will be timed according to the principles of a regularity rally. This will be a fun and relaxed event, so drivers can time on their phones, or stopwatches, whatever they prefer and there will be a special stage requiring split second accuracy to demonstrate the different phases of the rally.


The organizers Zoli and Attila hope that this event will appeal to your members and look forward to meeting you there. Please could you inform us how many cars to expect from your club so we are able to prepare accordingly.


The Marbella Classic Grand Prix has been rescheduled for November, allowing the organizers time to review the format of the race in line with the useful feedback which has been given. They want to create an event which will appeal to classic car owners in Andalucia whilst maintaining the high standards which are so important to them.


We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you on June 8th

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The CCCA Summer Bash is coming soon!

Another superb night out on June 14th. Dine Al Fresco under the stars with first class entertainment provided by one of the Coasts's top entertainers, Jonny Gee. And, still only €35 pp.

Let me know if you're coming.

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To CCCA Members:

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death, on Friday, of CCCA member Peter Newbury.

I don't have the full details yet but I know he was driving at the time. A Heart attack is suspected and no other vehicles were involved.  He was a fun person and a gentleman. He enjoyed so much his classic cars and had in his collection, to my knowledge, a Jaguar E-Type, Jaguar 3.8 Mk.2, a genuine AC Cobra as well as a stunning Ferrari 575.

He was due to participate in the Marbella GP in his Jaguar XK150 and was out on the May CCCA classic car run only last week.

A true enthusiast who will be sadly missed.


Event Report

Rfeda – National Spanish Hillclimb Championship – Round 3

Rampa Falperra 2014 – 10/11th May – Braga, Portugal


A logistical nightmare this last weekend organising getting the car across spain and up through Portugal to the top end from Malaga, a good 10 hour drive. Neil my Chief and British half of the support crew flew into Malaga on Thursday the 8th to prepare the car at the other half and Spanish arm of the support crews facilities, Dani Ortiz thankfully a guy who is not only a very experienced and capable motorsport mechanic but is also multi lingual, English, Portugese and Italian are all part of his repertoire!

Rampa (Rise to) Falperra is a very famous round of the International Hillclimb calendar as well as the national portugese round, Spanish national championship and European championship round, hence 152 vehicles of various formulas, GT’s, Touring cars, WRC’s, one make challenge vehicles, Historics, Classics, you name it it has it. (Check out the images on google for the event) for those with motorsport in their blood this is the event to go and see, in the words of one of the major competition tyre suppliers in the UK, it will blow your mind. In the region of 200,000 spectators were expected over the weekend period.


A vast Variety of cars from Formulas to historics

As is the norm with these events the local authorities contribute greatly towards the organisation, planning, security of the vehicles and promotion. Braga’s team of organisers had undoubtedly put in a serious amount of effort which certainly paid off, scrutineering and the following vehicle display was in the centre of the city bringing what is a very busy place (The size of say Leeds) to a virtual standstill. The cars were displayed around a ornate central plaza and fountains etc, and hey as is usual as it seems the Ginetta was positioned centre stage!

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